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Our son was a resident with Jon at the Carlsbad Village location from March-June 2019. Before that, he was in the Utah wilderness for 4 months and Visions in LA for two months. We were referred to Casa Pacifica by a friend of a friend, and our situation was emergent, as our son was being preyed upon by a creep in a sober living in Orange County, right as he was making great strides and had just gotten a job, started surfing, etcWe really did not understand the variation that occurs from one sober living to the next-it can vary greatly, and we found that out the hard way. Jon and Tommy responded to us the way an on call doctor responds to an emergency call. They were fast, caring, concerned, compassionate, and excited to help us and our son with his recovery. They treated the situation as an emergency, because that is what it felt like for our family. The house has the structure and nurturing that is needed after spending time in rehab. Because of their great reputation in North County San Diego, they can be picky about who they take and also evict those who have broken the house rules. Your loved one has to want sobriety in order for them to fully succeed in any sober living, and Jon and Tommy made that clear when we met to discuss moving our son in. The houses participate in group activities like surfing, bonfires, bowling, yoga classes, hiking, the gym, playing instruments, etc…The residents are expected to get a job within a reasonable amount of time and also to attend daily AA/NA meetings. There is a curfew that is strictly enforced, as well as weekly house meetings. The house was always clean and the residents are expected to be part of that process. Our son had many doctor and dentist appointments because he was basically absent from his life for quite some time. Jon or Tommy would always make sure our son got to his dentist, doctor, or therapy appointments. The men that run Casa Pacifica are all in on their dedication to their own sobriety and wellness as well as their residents. This is a business, and yes, they expect you to pay them just like any other business expects you to pay them-on time and in full-they typically have a pipeline of those in need that are willing and ready to pay. Our son moved into the dorms at UCSD on June 29, 2019 and has continued to thrive with support from AA, his sponsor, his therapist, his family etc… it takes a village, but in the end, the addict/alcoholic has to want it. We are lucky.


Casa Pacifica isn’t a sober living house, It’s filled with so much more, respect honesty and dedicated staff and owner who’s vision is to build community and brother hood. I’ve been in the house about 2 months and I can’t express the warmth from the house mates and staff here. Tommy the owner is always around when we need him and he makes it an open door policy to reach out talk or need to talk. Tommy is 100 percent recovery and to provide the same guidance and experience to each of the guys that walks through the door. John and Jan his two house mangers dedicate effort less time and energy to make them selves available not just talk or be there for us. But they go above the call of duty to events bbq’s out side events to bring all the guys/ brothers together in the house so we can connect and catch up with each other. The amazing part of Casa Pacifica is the structure and the accountability. I have had my fair share of up and downs but knowing there are big hearted guys like Tommy John and Jan who watch out for best interest and respect me for my self and who only want each of us to be successful and sober. Tommy John and Jan you’ve continued to inspire me to want more for life and recovery. I’m forever Grateful to you all. Thank you from heart.

Brad Peterscmidt

Where miracles happen in Cardiff & Encinitas. Casa Pacifica is an absolute first class facility that demands focus and personal growth. Tommy and Jon run a structured home environment that encourages personal growth and development. These guys are amazing and they will keep the momentum going on an individuals journey towards freedom from addiction. Casa Pacifica was a referral from a respected Del Mar program that helped our loved one. This sober home puts a lot of focus on personal fitness and health both emotional and physical. They have fun activities every weekend, meetings every day, GYM every day, group processing and individual counseling. Basically learning how to live a sober productive life. Encouraging growth and self improvement and there are no exceptions. If your not ready for this they will spot it and you will be asked to leave. Tommy & Jon are fiercely passionate about sobriety and continuity in your home life and environment. 5 stars across the board – one year later my son continues to stay true to himself and his sobriety. He will be two years sober in October 2019. The guys here Jan, Jon Tommy helped show my son how amazing life is Sober and they continue to be rock solid and I am so grateful to witness my sons growth and sobriety.

Tamara B.

Three years ago today I entered Casa Pacifica as a high school dropout, with no useful skills and over ten years of extreme drug addiction. To say that Casa Pacifica saved my life is in no way an exaggeration. During my ten years of active addiction I bounced in and out of residential treatment facilities and 6 different sober livings, all of them high-end. Casa Pacifica is far and away the best place to realize lasting recovery. The staff at Casa not only showed me the path to recovery from addiction but also helped me to find my passion in life. I went to school to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor and I am now in my third year at UCSD. Today I celebrate 3 years of sobriety. In June I got married to the woman of my dreams and there is talk of babies in the near future. I doubt that my life would look anything like this without the foundation for living that I received from Casa Pacifica. I walked into Casa with nothing but a parole officer and a drug habit, and I left with the tools to live an amazing life. Thank you Casa Pacifica!

Sam J.

I’ve tried to get sober for 9 years and couldn’t figure out how to STAY clean. My poor family tried everything and things started to feel hopeless. I checked out Casa Pasifica and instantly loved the vibe. The guys at Casa P got me plugged in with the fellowship and I was able to find my tribe. That was the key for me, getting through the steps and finally doing the things I loved again. (Surfing, skating, climbing, and playing music) If you’ve been struggling with alcohol and addiction you owe it to yourself to check these houses out. Best investment my family has ever made.

Owen C.

Casa Pacifica is a top notch, well run home for those seeking sober living. They take the men living there under their wings and show them how much fun Life can be living sober. Doing healthy activities like surfing, yoga, Rick climbing, and the list goes on to keep these guys feeling good. There is a great support network. The house is immaculate, and well cared for. They attend meetings as a group and there is tremendous support for achieving long term sobriety. The men who run this place genuinely care about helping the men here, I have witnessed this care and passion for what they do and helping others.

Christy M.

I have worked as an Addiction Counselor for the past 4 years in San Diego. The reputable business members of the recovery community in San Diego stand out due to proven consistency, ethical standards and a commitment to the highest level of client care. Casa Pacifica for Men is a facility that embodies the afore mentioned qualities. Casa Pacifica is run with a high degree of structure and accountability for its residents. It is operated to feel like a safe home which is rooted in the positive relationships fostered amongst the men. I know that the clients that live at Casa Pacifica are in a safe, well run, beautiful setting in Cardiff. I can count on the staff to be available and open to accommodating the residents in any way they can. Casa Pacifica represents the best of the men’s sober living options in California.

Kate Judd

Casa Pacifica was the perfect place for me to begin my journey into living a clean and healthy sober life. The accommodations were very comfortable and the guys were always there to provide solid answers to my questions. I highly recommend This place to anyone who struggles with addiction and wants to live a better life. I definitely would not be in the great place I am today without Casa Pacifica.


Casa Pacifica offers an amazing and unique program! They definitely a different approach than other sober living houses. They lead by example and mentor the clients, every step of the way. Their style teaches how to live, how to HAVE FUN, and how to enjoy your life!! Loved this place!! The houses are top notch and everyone who lives there, genuinely wants to be there!! Best recovery environment.

Brent Hanna

When I 1st met Tommy to interview to see if I would be a fit for Casa Pacifica little did I know he was warned not to take me. But when we met he saw I had the gift of desperation & he took a chance on me. That’s one of the many things I love about Tommy & Casa Pacifica & prior to Casa Pacifica I could never stay sober over the 20yr span of trying. His approach to sobriety was like none I ever have seen.

Jon Menz

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