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Is Sobriety the Same as Recovery in Encinitas, CA

Sobriety vs. Recovery: What’s the Difference?

When someone makes the wise decision to embark on a journey to recovery from substance abuse and addiction, sobriety is one of the main goals, but it’s not the only one. Sobriety is a condition that allows individuals to refrain from using liquor and psychoactive substances because they’re aware of the risks involved. It’s a conscious decision that can lead to a better way of life. Recovery is the process of healing from substance abuse and dependence. Healing begins with the pursuit of sobriety, but it’s easier and faster to achieve sobriety than to complete the journey of recovery.

Sobriety before Recovery

Established recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous follow processes with various steps that are supposed to be completed linearly. The 12-step AA program works for most people, and its initial steps are strongly focused on building a strong spiritual base that helps with exploring sobriety. Working through the steps requires alcoholics and addicts to stay sober because the journey ahead may be difficult.

Getting Comfortable with Sobriety

If we look at addiction as a problem, we also have to acknowledge sobriety is a major part of the solution. Getting sober and staying that way can be accomplished through various means. However, people who have fallen into physical or psychological dependence will have to get comfortable with a life that isn’t lived under the influence of psychoactive substances. This is a major goal of facilities such as Encinitas sober living homes, where individuals can gradually ease into sobriety as a lifestyle. Not all addicts or alcoholics stay in sober living facilities as part of their recovery plans. Some of them can get comfortable with sobriety on their own, but those who complete residential programs often find they were exactly what they needed to recover.

Differences between Abstinence, Sobriety, & Recovery

Abstaining from liquor or psychoactive substances is a physical action. While abstinence is an aspect of sobriety, it doesn’t address other issues that are conducive to recovery, such as mental health, emotional intelligence, and behavioral awareness. Sobriety involves being comfortable and clear-headed enough to realize there’s no recovery without treatment. Recovery takes individuals along various paths that may force them to modify their behavior, relationships, and ways of thinking. These are major changes that require more than abstinence. They must be assimilated through the clear lens of sobriety.

Sobriety as a Lifestyle

AA sponsors and mental health counselors often recommend a full year of sobriety before tackling other major life issues, such as moving, changing jobs, and adopting new healthy habits. At sober living centers, individuals can adjust to sobriety through structured programs that make sobriety more appealing. This in turn helps them appreciate the sober lifestyle. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle didn’t think of sobriety as a virtue but as a gift that should be treasured. Based on this view, a full recovery from addiction is the valuable reward you can get from a sober lifestyle. 

One of the best and most effective ways to maintain sobriety and optimize recovery is to have the help of a recovery coach. Encinitas men who need assistance with staying sober can get the help they need at Casa Pacifica. Our men’s sober living mentorship program works with individual residents to develop customized plans that integrate treatment, aftercare, and recovery support resources, which results in meaningful experiences and positive outcomes in their new lives. Our services include coaching, sober companionship, and mentorship for those who are recovering from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. To learn more about our program, call us today at (760) 230–2996.

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