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Great Ways for Sober People to Have Fun

When people embark on a journey to recovery from alcoholism or substance abuse, they may not realize that achieving sobriety doesn’t automatically bring the recovery voyage to an end. Sobriety is a wonderful stage in the journey to recovery. It serves as a prelude to what needs to be at the center of an addict’s new life, and it deserves full respect and attention. During and after a stay at a Solana Beach sober living home, the process of recovery continues through the incorporation of sobriety into all facets of life, particularly during periods of leisure, relaxation, and entertainment.

Recreation & Sobriety

The importance of having fun as a sober individual comes down to developing and following strategies that support sobriety. Being able to have fun while not under the influence is vital to sobriety. This is especially true for individuals whose addictions were precipitated by the euphoria produced by psychoactive substances. 

People in recovery need to have fun for the same reasons as everyone else. Moreover, they need to engage in positive leisure activities because tedium and boredom can contribute to relapse. For many individuals, being able to have fun without being intoxicated lets them know sobriety is a lifestyle worth living.

Humor & Comedy

As the ultimate expression of pure joy, laughter is fully compatible with sobriety. Famous standup comedians such as Marc Maron, Jane Lynch, Maria Bamford, and Rob Delaney have been in recovery for years. Their tales of addiction and personal journeys are part of their comedy routines, and they often perform at clubs that cater to sober audiences. People who are more comfortable with laughing at home instead of going to comedy performances can find hours of recorded shows, podcasts, and skits on web platforms such as Comedy Central and YouTube.

Fitness & Personal Training

Sobriety is healthy in and of itself, but it needs to be augmented with other activities such as physical exercise and proper nutrition to derive maximum benefit. The deep feeling of euphoria known as “runner’s high” is tied to a neurochemical release of endorphins, and its intensity can be modulated through exercising. 

Those who don’t usually find fun in fitness can try joining group classes such as yoga, cycling, kickboxing, and many others where the guided routines are meant to get endorphins flowing. Introverts who aren’t fond of group activities can make fitness fun by creating personal training plans that include goals and challenges.

Team Sports

Finding and feeding a passion is something many recovery counselors strongly recommend to their patients. Team sports can be enjoyed by spectators and participants alike. They’re perfect for the sober lifestyle because they’re truly dynamic. In Southern California and other regions across the United States, organizations such as The Phoenix bring people in recovery together through activities such as team sports. For example, sober basketball fans can attend classes, play pickup games, and arrange trips to NBA arenas.

If you’re newly sober and you need help with avoiding relapse, call on the compassionate team at Casa Pacifica. Along with providing Solana Beach men’s sober living, we work with our individual residents to develop customized plans that integrate treatment, aftercare, and recovery support. Our services include sober companionship, coaching, and mentorship for those who are recovering from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. For more information about our sober living facilities, call us today at (760) 230-2996.

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